Why I Like Snapchat

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Out of all the social medias, I definitely like Snapchat the best because I feel like I’m actually there with my friends. It’s nice because you can see people’s everyday lives. I also like how Snapchat has different ways to communicate. You can send a picture to your friend or a group of your friends, and you can chat! If you need to send a quick text to someone asking about their Snapchat they just sent you or if you like their Snapchat, then you can just chat it to them! If you want a lot more people to see, then you can add it to your Story, which is cool because it’s usually something funny or super cool. You have to be sure that you want to share it with a lot of people if you put it on your story though! If you’re every Snapchatting someone privately, be careful that you don’t accidentally¬†press the “story” button at the bottom of your screen! It could be super embarrassing!