Here are the top 7 dirty snapchat pornstars

Thursday , 12, April 2018 Leave a comment

Why would you spend hours mindlessly scrolling through videos on snapchat porn sites when you should just get porn directly on your phone? If you add the girls featured in this article on Snapchat, no more mindless scrolling for you! These girls post sexy stuff directly to your Snap  so you don’t have to travel very far on the internet to find NSFW content on your phone.
If you’re lazy and horny and tired of scrolling, then you definitely need to add these sexy girls on Snap now! Not convinced? Fine, read on and I’ll tell you exactly why you need to follow these 5 girls on Snapchat right now!
1. Asa Akira
If you don’t know who Asa Akira is, do you even watch porn? This girl does everything: she writes books, she does podcasts, she does porn, and she is a huge activist.
Asa is sure to be making her (former) Japanese diplomat parents proud through her work in porn. This girl definitely has an interesting past… and an interesting sexual preference as she still isn’t sure if she’s straight, bi, or gay. This translates to her porn as well! She’s done plenty of scenes with both men and women; she’s said that she really does like having sex with both genders – and people who identify in between – so you can be confident that she’s actually enjoying her work as much as it looks like she is.
If you’re into women who are sexual and are all about the hustle, you should definitely follow Asa!
2. JustViolet
This girl is sexy with a little bit of edge. If you’re into that girl who looks sweet but a little freaky, you should give this girl a follow.
Violet is extremely active on her Snapchat, where you can basically find her posting every day. This girl isn’t a huge porn star like Asa, but that just means she has more time to keep you entertained on Snapchat!
3. Lena Paul
So, you like boobs, huh?
If enormous breasteses are your cup of tea, then this girl is definitely in line with your tastes. Similarly, to Violet, she isn’t a huge porn star (but who knows, things could change! We could only hope! She’s very active on both Snapchat and Instagram; but since Insta still doesn’t believe in freeing the nipple, you can catch her sexier content on her Snapchat!
4. Dani Daniels
Again, if you don’t know who Dani Daniels is, you must not be even that into porn!
Dani Daniels is like Asa in that her talents don’t just include flexibility, minimal gag reflex, and anal stretching… she is an avid painter (pointillism is her thing) and can literally fly circles around other girls in the industry since she can fly a plane.
Not only do you get exclusive (and sexy) content on her Snapchat, but you catch a glimpse into this interesting woman’s day-to-day life.
5. Bailey Bae
If you have other girls added to your Snapchat but not Bailey, then you’re doing yourself a massive disservice!
All this girl does is post to her Snapchat and cater to her fans and their fantasies.