SnapChat Cheaters

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Does Snapchat Enable Cheaters?

It’s been a long day, and you’re bored; phone essentially glued to your hand, closing apps only to reopen them seconds later, scrolling through social media. You see what some friends are up to, but you’re not interested in meeting up with them. Your idea of a perfect night involves Netflix, food, and some PJ’s, rather than going out, getting blacked, and maybe even waking up in a stranger’s bed.

Before starting another season of a show (you started season 1 two days ago), you tap on Snapchat; suddenly your mug is filling the screen, and you swipe right to get it the hell away. Any notifications? Actually, there is! Someone sent you a snap, and rather than it being from your best friend making a face only a blind mother could love, it’s from someone you met a few weeks back at a party. Tap and hold the screen. The snap opens. Your heart rate picks up a bit as your eyes scan the screen, and notice that it’s not just some funny snap. It’s one hell of a sexy pic. “Daaaaaayyuuumm,” you say out loud, and excitedly fist pump like Tiger Woods on a Sunday before 2009.

Well, what are you gonna say back? Are you gonna just send a captionless pic as well? If your initial verbal response was what you sent, that might be the last time you get a sexy snap from them, so make a wise decision. “You know what, I’m hot too, let’s do this,” so you head to the bathroom and try to send the sexiest snap you’ve ever sent in your life.

Few minutes crawl by at an agonizing pace, and finally, another notification. Twitter. Fuck. Another notification pops up, and its the one you’re anticipating. You open up Snapchat again, and rather than a snap, you have a new message: “wanna come over?” Well, that was straight to the point. Put some decent clothes on, grab your keys and head out the door.

Snapchat sex. Straight to the point, no messing around before you mess around. Snapchat was essentially made for this reason alone, but Evan Spiegel & Co. won’t fess up to that. Snapchat is a great way for those looking for casual sex to hook up with people they know, all the while leaving no paper trail. You don’t want others to know about your conquests, and as long as you’re not an idiot about it, no one will be the wiser. Perfect crime.

But the thing is, is there a line you shouldn’t cross? Is there a way in which this service can be abused? If you’re single, no, not really. With casual sex, both parties should understand that it’s just casual. If you feel like the other person might be catching the feels, be honest with them and tell them what you’re expecting out of this.

If you’re in a relationship, using Snapchat as a way to sleep with people other than the person you’re dating is a big no­no. Feel free to send your boo some sexy snaps, but don’t take advantage of the service and sleep around behind your bf/gf’s back.

Is Snapchat enabling cheaters? Kind of, because it happens to be a way for cheaters to get away with what they’re doing without facing any consequences, at least until they’re caught. It is a way for singles to mingle without letting anyone know about it as well. Of course, it is up to the user to use Snapchat in any way they please. If you’re in a relationship and you use Snapchat to cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, you’re pretty much a piece of shit. Just because you have a great way to cheat without leaving virtual evidence doesn’t mean you should. You can fit that next piece of pizza in your stomach, but it doesn’t mean you should.

Some people use Snapchat just as a way to communicate with friends while others may take advantage of the ephemeral qualities Snapchat has and use it for sex. Many users are somewhere in between. Some people are bastards and use it to cheat. You live how you live, I guess.

How you use Snapchat is your choice, but if you’re involved with someone else, you shouldn’t take advantage of Snapchat’s qualities so you can cheat. Instead, use it to have fun with your loved one; you’ll get what you want anyway, so it might as well be with the person you’re dating. If you want to sleep with other people, do the other person a favor and end the relationship rather than smashing their heart and killing any self­confidence they have.

Snapchat can reveal one’s character, depending on how they use it. What does your Snapchat say about you?

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